HFM za merjenje toplotne prevodnosti materialov
HFM (Heat Flow Meter) is a device for measuring the thermal conductivity of building and other materials using the stationary method. It works on the principle of measuring the one-dimensional flow of heat through the sample and the temperature drop on the sample. The heat flow is measured using the heat flow meter HFM (Heat Flow Meter). The meter is suitable for measuring incompressible samples with dimensions of at least 20 cm × 20 cm, thickness between 10 mm and 100 mm. The device is suitable for measuring thermal conductivity in the range between 0.02 W/(mK) and 3 W/(mK). Measurements are carried out according to the SIST EN 12667 standard for products with high or medium thermal resistance, according to the SIST EN 12664 standard for dry or moist products with medium or low thermal resistance and according to other related standards. For research purposes, the device can be adapted and even smaller samples can be measured on it.