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Company presentation


Director: Assist. Prof. dr. Aleš Žnidarič (Civ. Eng.)

Main Office: mag. Petra Redelonghi, MSc.

Board of Governors
Miloš Šturm, president – director of the Research center SiEVA and director of TIGR
Iztok Klemenc, Ph. D., vice president – Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute
Črtomir Remec, MSc. – director of the Housing Fund of Republic of Slovenia and president of the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers
Gregor Ficko, MSc. – Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Prof. Andrej Umek, Ph.D. – Ministry od Education, Science and Sport
Robert Sever – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Transport Association
Terezija Gaberščik – Ministry of Infrastructure

Scientific council
Assist. Prof. Stanislav Lenart – Ph. D., president
Assist. Prof. Andrijana Sever Škapin, Ph. D.
Alenka Mauko Pranjić, Ph. D.
Assist. Prof. Dr. Karmen Fifer Bizjak, Ph. D.
Assist. Prof. Sabina Jordan, Ph. D.
Friderik Knez
Tadeja Kosec, Ph. D.
Tomaž Pazlar, Ph. D.
Marjanca Lutman, MsC.

Organisation scheme

At ZAG, investigations and tests are carried out in laboratories and sections designed in accordance with the characteristics of the products. In terms of their activities, laboratories are grouped into departments. ZAG has 218 employees, of which 59 are doctors of science (1. januar 2022).


To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZAG), we have issued a brochure Knowledge that leaves a mark in Slovene and English.

The brochure consists of two introductory chapters, about ZAG in 2019, by Director Assist. Prof. Aleš Žnidarič, and its scientific and research activities, by Assoc. Prof. Andraž Legat, and eight selected topics and presentations of ZAG units.

Znanje, ki pušča sled
Knowledge that leaves a mark