The Department of Building Physics

Improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings is well-known to be one of the foundations of sustainable construction, since it makes a significant contribution to the sustainable development of society as a whole. The numerous research projects which are carried out at the Department are therefore one of ZAG’s priority tasks.

The Department of Building Physics combines together:

  • The Laboratory for Building  Physics which deals with the field of the thermal and acoustic characteristics of materials and structures, the energy efficiency of buildings, and suitable living conditions in buildings, and carries out various research and testing work in accordance with the presently valid European and other national standards.

In the case of numerous test methods, accreditation is maintained according to the standard DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 by Slovenian Accreditation, under Registration No. LP-005. No. LP-005.

Head of the department:

dr. Katja Malovrh Rebec
univ. dipl. inž. arh.
T: 01 280 45 14, M: 051 311 370