Transmission and other towers

Due to their importance, structures that serve for the transmission of electricity and for telecommunications must be able to reliably carry all foreseen loads, and must also be able to resist effects which are due to climate change.

In the field of steel transmission towers for overhead power lines and other types of steel towers and masts, ZAG performs the following work:

  • in the case of newly-built structures, quality control of the manufacture and installation of structural elements taking into account the specific requirements of the product standard SIST EN 1090-2 with respect to the traceability of material, welding, bolting and all other processes which can have an effect on designed and declared characteristics,
  • assessments of the load-carrying capacity and stability of existing steel structures taking into account their degree of corrosion, as well as any other types of damage or changed mechanical characteristics of the material which are the result of ageing after long periods of exploitation or exceptional loadings,
  • non-destructive investigations of faults and damage to steel elements , as well as welds and other kinds of connections,
  • measurements and analyses of the stress and deformation state of loaded structures,
  • analysis of ground conditions and inspection of foundations,
  • preparation of proposals for the repair of damage to transmission towers for overhead power lines and other kinds of towers.

Inspection of the quality of steel structures belonging to the RTP 110/20/10 kV Gorica –TR-1 power distribution sub-station

ELEKTRO PRIMORSKA d.d. 2006, 2012

Inspection of the existing steel structure of the broadcasting tower located on parcel No. 163/1k.o. Hribi, Piran

ŠU & CO, d.o.o. 2006

Inspection of the Pečna reber broadcasting tower near Postojna

Ministry of Defence RS 2006

Inspection of the steel chimney at the Livarna Črnomelj foundry

Apeling d.o.o 2009

Inspection of the support columns of the KANIN aerial ropeway

ATC Kanin d.o.o. 2012

Analysis of railway electrification masts – mitigation of the consequences of the February 2014 ice storm

SŽ-Infrastruktura, d.o.o. 2014