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Two-panel device for measuring the thermal conductivity of materials1987/12/01Read more
3D printer ZPrinter 3102019/08/20Read more
A kit for performing pull-out tests truss geotechnical anchors2006/01/01Read more
An instrument for measuring the corrosion potentials of steel reinforcement in concrete - PROCEQ CANIN1970/01/01Read more
ATOS I - high speed 3D digitizer2009/12/07Read more
AVA-3000: Air Void Analyser 1970/01/01Read more
Avtoklav SSRT z obtočnim sistemom, CORMET2011/08/24Read more
Brüel & Kjær modular precision sound analyzers type 2260F and 22702014/12/09Read more
Calorimetric chamber for measuring the thermal properties of building elements2011/12/11Read more
Camera for recording infrared images2006/12/01Read more
Chamber for measuring facade elements in dynamic conditions2015/05/26Read more
Coating thickness gauge MEGA-CHECK Profi1970/01/01Read more
Combined flexible furnace for testing of fire resistance of building constructions 2021/10/08Read more
Device for machine grading of timber Brookhuis Timber Grader MTG2006/01/01Read more
Device for measuring the airtightness of buildings2010/12/11Read more
Device for testing building materials and elements for resistance to hail2010/12/10Read more
Device for testing joinery1998/12/01Read more
Dilatometer Netzsch DIL 402 C2010/01/25Read more
DRMS Cordless Drill1970/01/01Read more
Drop Shape Instrument FTA 10001970/01/01Read more
DuraScan 70G5 hardness tester2022/05/25Read more
Elastmeter model - 3964B MARK - 2 OYO pressuremeter1998/04/30Read more
Electric fusion machine XrFuse 12021/12/01Read more
Equipment for determination of photocatalytic activity 2008/01/01Read more
Equipment for environmental noise measurements2019/12/01Read more
Field emission scanning electron microscopy FE-SEM2010/07/01Read more
Flooring Radiant Panel2009/12/30Read more
Galvanostatic pulse, GalvaPulseTM, FORCE Technology1970/01/01Read more
Gas adsorber ASAP 20202008/11/02Read more
HFM za merjenje toplotne prevodnosti materialov2008/12/01Read more
Hygrothermal chamber for accelerated aging of facade elements2011/12/31Read more
ICP-MS AGILENT 7900 ORS2019/12/06Read more
Impact toughness gauge of metal with a hammer 150 J in 300 J - WOLPERT-PW 30/15 K-E1970/01/01Read more
Industrial endoscope2010/01/01Read more
Isothermal Calorimeter2017/04/25Read more
Laboratory line for kneading and granulation of polymer composites2022/10/18Read more
Magnetically inductive device2004/01/01Read more
Measuring chain for field measurement of sound insulation and sound reflectivity of anti-noise fences2019/08/12Read more
Measuring chain for measuring sound intensity2014/12/01Read more
Measuring chain for measuring the noise of road vehicles according to the CPX method2019/12/01Read more
Measuring chain for measuring the noise of road vehicles according to the SPB method2018/12/03Read more
Menard pressuremeter G type2007/11/09Read more
Mercury Porosimeter Autopore IV 95102007/11/12Read more
Metal hardness tester Brinell and Vickers - WPM1970/01/01Read more
Metal hardness tester Vickers FRANK-FINOTEST1970/01/01Read more
Metalographic-confocal microscope Carl Zeiss Axio2011/03/02Read more
Metric 3D system for digitalization, modelling and analysis of geometry of the built environment2021/07/15Read more
Multi N/C analyzer 3100 equipped with AS vario sampler and HT 1300 module2020/06/18Read more
Optical deformation measurement system GOM - ARAMIS2011/02/02Read more
Optical emission spectrometer for the analysis of metals SPECTRO MAXx2013/10/21Read more
Optical emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma, AGILENT 5900 ICP-OE2022/08/11Read more
Particle size and shape analyzer SYNC Microtrac MRB2020/08/05Read more
Petrographic microscope Carl Zeiss Axio Imager A1 m2011/03/02Read more
Portable metal hardness tester PROCEQ-EQUOTIP1970/01/01Read more
Potentiostat / galvanostat Autolab PGStat 100, Floating version, 20101970/01/01Read more
Raman spectrometer Horiba Jobin Yvon labret HR8001970/01/01Read more
Resonator for sound absorption measurements of materials and constructions2014/12/01Read more
Rheometer for fresh mortar and concrete Viskomat XL Schleibinger Geraete2023/10/19Read more
Rope tenzometer2014/01/01Read more
Rotary tube furnace 2021/11/25Read more
Salt chamber1970/01/01Read more
Scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM-IT500 with EDS analyser Oxford Instruments 2018/12/21Read more
scanning electrone misroscope JEOL 5500 LV with EDS analyser OXFORD2001/01/01Read more
Servo-hydraulic machine for static and dynamic testing – Zwick/Roell HB1000 Zwick/Roell, Germany, 20232023/07/28Read more
Single Burning Item SBI2000/11/30Read more
Spektrometer spectrum TWO FT- IR PERKON ELMER Z ATR2018/07/16Read more
STA 409 Luxx1970/01/01Read more
Standard percussion sound source1999/12/01Read more
Standardized laboratory chamber for sound insulation measurements of building elements2014/12/10Read more
The Single Flame Source Test1992/05/22Read more
The test machine for dynamic loads "SCHENCK"1970/01/01Read more
Three channel automatic measuring system for measuring of oxygen concentration2020/10/27Read more
Torrent air permeability tester 1970/01/01Read more
TP02 - Probe for non-stationary measurement of thermal conductivity of materials2019/12/01Read more
Tribokorozimeter TRIBOTECHNIC, France, 2010 pin on disc, reciprocal tribometer1970/01/01Read more
Universal tearing machine ZWICK Z030 and ZWICK Z100 2012/11/16Read more
Universal testing machine with a nominal force 2500 kN, Zwick Z2500Y1970/01/01Read more
UV chamber Nema1970/01/01Read more
Vacuum pressure chamber VPT-1352020/09/30Read more
Weather Chamber Kambič kk-3401970/01/01Read more
Wet / industrial chamber1970/01/01Read more