The Department of Geotechnics and Infrastructure

In the case of new construction or renovation of the road, rail and other traffic infrastructure, the concept of sustainable construction needs to be taken into account so that such structures will be resistant to the effects of ever increasing loads and climate change. This means that thorough investigations of the soil are needed, together with the installation of high-quality materials. Using modern equipment ZAG’s specialists perform inspections, testing and investigation work in all fields of geotechnics and the traffic infrastructure, both in the field and in the laboratory. In the case of numerous test methods, accreditation is maintained according to the standard DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 by Slovenian Accreditation, under Registration No. LP-005. No. LP-005.

The Department of Geotechnics and Infrastructure consists of:

Head of the department:
Assist.Prof. Karmen Fifer Bizjak
PhD (Geol.)
Phone: 01 280 42 14