ZAG’s Library


ZAG’s Library is a special library in the field of building and civil engineering. It provides everyday information and documentary support to all of ZAG’s researchers, technical associates and experts. The Library’s primary tasks are the provision of library information services and the management of the bibliographies of ZAG’s researchers and technical associates.

The Library has been established for more than 60 years. Its beginnings go back to 1949, when the so-called Building Institute was established, which was later renamed the Institute for Testing and Research in Materials and Structures (ZRMK). Since 1995 the Library has worked within the framework of ZAG. It has been given the reference number “siglo 50214” by the National and University Library.

Library stock and electronic publications

The Library’s stock consists of literature from the fields of building and civil engineering, as well as from related fields of the natural sciences. Today much of the acquired literature is from the fields of sustainable construction, recycling, energy efficiency, and the cultural heritage.

The Library has been a member of the COBISS system, with full rights, since 1996. Simultaneously, with its collection of library material and researchers’ bibliographies, the Library continues to contribute to the COBIB data-base. ZAG’s Library has the acronym ZAGLJ.

Information about material available at ZAG’s Library is available on the web. In the case of material belonging to the older part of the Library’s stock, such information is available by e-mail.


All employees at ZAG are members of the Library.

Members of other libraries and other external users can access library material either in the Library’s reading-room, or by inter-library loan.

Members of our library do not have a deadline for the return of borrowed material. For this reason external users are requested to order material in advance by e-mail so that it can be prepared for them in the reading-room or for the inter-library loan facility.

Opening hours

The Library is open for external users on every working day, between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. ure. By agreement the Library can also be open at other times.

The Library’s location

The entrance to the Library is on the 5th floor of ZAG’s main building. It occupies two floors, which include the main part with monographs and serial publications, the reading-room, the collection of standards, and an archive of special collections.