Assessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Structures ARCHESAljoša Šajna2006/09/012009/08/31Read more
Central European Research in Transport Infrastructure CERTAINAleš Žnidarič2006/06/012010/05/31Read more
Cultural Heritage Protection against Flood CHEFMateja Golež2007/02/012010/01/31Read more
Coordination and Implementation of Road Research in Europe ERA NET ROADBojan Leben2005/06/012009/03/31Read more
Fundamental understanding of cementitious material for improved chemical physical aesthetic performance NANOCEMFranc Švegl2006/03/012011/04/30Read more
Sustainable Pavements for European New Member States SPENSMojca Ravnikar Turk2006/09/012009/08/31Read more
Bridge Safety Monitoring BRIDGEMONAleš Žnidarič2012/12/012014/11/30Read more
Cost-effective and sustainable Bio-Renewable Indoor Materials with high potential for xustomisation and creative design in Energy Efficient buildings BRIMEESabina Jordan2013/07/012017/06/30Read more
Resource-and Cost-effectice integration of renewables in existing high-rise buildings COST-EFFECTIVESabina Jordan2008/10/012012/09/30Read more
Developing a European Transport Research Alliance DETRAAleš Žnidarič2010/06/012012/09/30Read more
Dismantling and Recycling Vehicle Tyres and road Materials into Roads – Sharing Knowledge and Practice DIRECT-MATKarmen Fifer Bizjak2009/01/012011/12/31Read more
ERA-NET ROAD II ENR2Bojan Leben2009/05/012011/04/30Read more
Geo-clustering to deploy the potential of Energy efficient Buildings across EU GE2OFriderik Knez2012/01/012013/12/31Read more
Gas Absorption Heat Pump solution for existing residential buildings HEAT4UFriderik Knez2011/11/012014/10/31Read more
Protection Of Cultural Heritage Objects With Multifunctional Advanced Materials HEROMATAndrijana Sever Škapin2011/12/012015/11/30Read more
PoroElastic Road Surface: an innovation to Avoid Damages to the Environment PERSUADEDarko Kokot2009/09/012015/08/31Read more
End of life strategies of asphalt pavements RE-ROADMarjan Tušar2009/01/012012/12/31Read more
ROlling resistance, Skid resistance, ANd Noise Emission measurement standards for road surfaces ROSANNEDarko Kokot2013/11/012016/10/31Read more
Smart Maintenance and Analysis of Transport Infrastructure SmartRailStanislav Lenart2011/09/012014/08/31Read more
Transport Research Arena 2008 TRA2008Aleš Žnidarič2007/09/012008/08/31Read more
Supporting the Transport Research Arena 2012 conference TRA2012Aleš Žnidarič2011/01/012012/12/31Read more
Understanding TRANSport for Concrete which is Eco friendly iNnovative and Durable TranscendVilma Ducman2010/10/012014/09/30Read more
Tyre and Road Surface Optimisation for Skid TYROSAFEDarko Kokot2008/07/012010/06/30Read more
Design Tools for high grip surfaces ULTRAGRIPVilma Ducman2009/09/302012/09/30Read more
Tomorrows Road Infrastructure Monitoring and Managem TRIMMAleš Žnidarič2011/12/012014/11/30Read more
Young European Arena of Research 2010 YEAR 2010Bojan Leben2009/01/012010/08/31Read more
Young European Arena of Research YEAR 2008Bojan Leben2007/10/012008/07/31Read more
Nanoremediation of water from small waste water treatment plants and reuse of water and solid remains for local needs RusaLCAAna Mladenović2013/07/012016/12/31Read more
Promotion of the Recycling of Industrial Waste and Building Rubble for the Construction Industry REBIRTHAlenka Mauko Pranjić2011/10/012014/12/31Read more
Oblikovanje čezmejne platforme storitev za izboljšanje procesov širšega področja gradbenih objektov PROFILIMarjan Japelj2011/11/012014/04/01Read more
Modern Art Conservation Center MACCMateja Golež2011/08/182014/08/18Read more
Enhance mechanical properties of timber, engineered wood products and timber structures COST Action FP10042010/05/302011/05/30Read more
Assessment, Reinforcement and Monitoring of Timber Structures COST Action FP1101Tomaž Pazlar2010/06/292011/06/29Read more
Integrated Fire Engineering and Response IFER COST Action TU09042011/05/272012/05/25Read more
Impact of climate change on engineered slopes for infrastructure COST Action TU1202COSTStanislav Lenart2012/10/042016/10/03Read more
People Friendly Cities in a Data Rich World COST Action TU12072013/04/122017/04/11Read more
NORM for Building materials NORM4BUILDING COST Action TU1301Vilma Ducman2013/09/192017/09/18Read more
Quality Control for Wood and Wood Products COST E53Jelena Srpčič2006/03/012010/05/31Read more
PHONASUM - Photocatalytic Technologies and Novel Nanosurfaces Materials – Critical Issues COST MPNS Action 5402007/01/012010/01/01Read more
Soundscape of European Cities and Landscape COST TUD Action TD0804Mihael Ramšak1970/01/012012/11/30Read more
Integrating and Harmonizing Sound Insulation Aspects in Sustainable Urban Housing Construction COST TUD Action TU0901Mihael Ramšak2009/11/032013/11/02Read more
Multifunctional layers for the protection of mineral substrates, E! MULTI-PROTECTAndrijana Sever Škapin2010/11/012013/10/31Read more
Development Of Lightweight Aggregate From Waste Material And Further Processing Into Thermal Insulation Concrete E!4964 LIGHT-WASTEVilma Ducman2010/07/012012/09/01Read more
Polymer subconstruction for curtain walls E!6782 POLYBARFranc Capuder2012/06/192013/10/15Read more
Development Of Self-Cleaning Clay Roofing Tiles - CLEANTILE EUREKA E! 3969Vilma Ducman2007/01/012009/06/30Read more
Fire resistance concrete made with slag from steel industry - FIRECON EUREKA E! 4166Vilma Ducman2009/01/022011/12/31Read more
B-IMPACTTadeja Kosec2015/03/012017/02/28Read more
Effective asset managemnet meeting future challenges ASCAMMojca Ravnikar Turk2010/09/012012/02/28Read more
Environmental indicators for the Total Road infrastructure Assets EVITADarko Kokot2010/09/012012/08/31Read more
Modelling Infrastructure influence of RoAd Vehicle Energy Consumption MIRAVECDarko Kokot2011/11/012013/10/31Read more
Models for rolling resistance In Road Infrastructure Asset Management Systems MIRIAM2010/01/012016/12/31Read more
Pilot project for common EU Curriculum for road safety experts: training and application on secondary roads Pilot4SafetyMatej Michelizza2010/06/012012/05/31Read more
Durable Pothole Repairs POTHOLEAleksander Ipavec2011/10/012013/09/01Read more
Scoring Traffic At Roadworks STARSMojca Ravnikar Turk2011/10/012013/03/31Read more
Selection of Appropriate Vehicle Restraint Systems SAVeRSBine Pengal1970/01/011970/01/01Read more
Baselining Road Works Safety on European Roads BRoWSERMojca Ravnikar Turk2013/02/012015/10/01Read more
Risk AssEssment of AGEing Infrastructure RE-GENAleš Žnidarič2014/04/012016/03/31Read more
Safety at the Heart of Road Design ENR-SRO12009/09/152011/09/15Read more
HI-SPEQ - High-speed survey specification, explanation and qualityDarko Kokot2014/04/142016/04/13Read more
FUNDBITSMarjan Tušar2014/04/012015/04/01Read more
A tool to assess the impact of construction process quality on the performance of pavements and its implementation in tenders COSISTENDMojca Ravnikar Turk2014/04/142016/04/13Read more
REthinking Future Infrastructure NETworks - REFINETBojan Leben2015/05/012017/04/30Read more
InnoRenew CoE - Renewable materials and healthy environments research and innovation centre of excellenceH2020Friderik Knez2017/06/012022/05/31Read more
Decision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure Managers - DESTinationRAILHorizon 2020Stanislav Lenart2015/05/012018/04/30Read more
Forever Open infrastructure across X all transport modesH2020Karmen Fifer Bizjak2015/05/012018/10/30Read more
NUGENIA-PLUS— Preparing NUGENIA for HORIZON2020H2020Bojan Zajec2015/05/012016/10/31Read more
Building Green SkillsEC:Employment policiesFriderik Knez2014/12/012016/05/31Read more
Risk based approaches for Asset inteGrity multimodal Transport Infrastructure ManagEmentH2020Stanislav Lenart2016/09/012019/08/31Read more
AM4INFRA - Common Framework for a European Life Cycle based Asset Management Approach for transport infrastructure networksHorizon 2020Darko Kokot2016/09/012018/08/31Read more
InnoWEE - Innovative pre-fabricated components including different waste construction materials reducing building energy and minimising environmental impactsH2020Vilma Ducman2016/10/012020/09/30Read more
Q-Air; Sustainable Prefabricated Glass Façade with Performance Exceeding State-of-the-art Glass FaçadesH2020Katja Malovrh Rebec2017/01/012018/12/31Read more
PAPERCHAIN - New market niches for the Pulp and Paper Industry waste based on circular economy approachesH2020Karmen Fifer Bizjak2017/06/012021/06/01Read more
Mitigating Environmentally Assissted Cracking Through Optimisation of Surface ConditionH2020Bojan Zajec2017/09/012021/08/31Read more
RETRACKING, Towards the Circular Economy: traceability of Fibre-Reinforced Composites FRC artefactsInterreg Slovenija ItalijaAlenka Mauko Pranjić2017/09/252019/12/24Read more
URBAN SOIL 4 FOOD - Establishment of Innovative Urban Soil Based Economy Circles to Increase Local Food Self-sufficiency and Minimize Environmental FootprintUIAAlenka Mauko Pranjić2017/12/012020/11/30Read more
EnDurCrete - New Environmental friendly and Durable conCrete integrating industrial by-products and hybrid systems, for civil, industrial and offshore applicationsH2020Andraž Legat2018/01/012021/06/30Read more
FLOW - Lightweight alkali activated composite foams based on secondary raw materialsERA-MIN2Vilma Ducman2018/05/012021/04/30Read more
Cinderela – New Circular Economy Business Models for More Sustainable Urban ConstructionHorizon 2020Alenka Mauko Pranjić2018/06/012021/05/31Read more
Ustanovitev novega čezmejnega LivingLab centra za raziskave in simulacije požarnega odziva kompozitnih materialov med in po požaru Errichtung eines neuen grenzübergreifenden LivingLabs für die Untersuchung und Simulation des Brandverhaltens von Kompositmaterialien während und nach dem BrandInterreg SI-ATFriderik Knez2018/05/012020/10/31Read more
Aktivno ohranjanje in vrednotenje naravne in kulturne dediščine rudnikov in rudarstva za razvoj trajnostnega turizma / Aktivna zaštita I valorizacija prirodne I kulturne baštine rudnika i rudarstva za razvoj održivog turizmaMateja Golež2018/09/012021/02/28Read more
BusiSource. Waste from companies as a secondary sourceEIT Raw MaterialsAna Mladenović2017/04/012020/01/31Read more
DIM ESEE. Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining schoolEIT Raw MaterialsAna Mladenović2017/04/012021/04/01Read more
EXTREME. Substitution of CRMs in components and coatings used under extreme conditionsEIT Raw MaterialsTadeja Kosec2016/03/152018/12/31Read more
FLAME. FLy Ash to valuable MinEralsEIT Raw MaterialsAna Mladenović2017/04/012020/03/31Read more
MIN-PET. Mineral products from Petrit-T sidestream technologyhttps://eitrawmaterials.eu/project/min-pet/Vilma Ducman2016/01/012018/12/31Read more
OREVAL. experts and facilities for ore characterisationEIT Raw MaterialsAlenka Mauko Pranjić2018/01/012018/12/31Read more
RECOVER. Innovation in Motion: Red mud and Copper slag Valorisation in Engineered ProductsEIT Raw MaterialsVilma Ducman2017/04/012020/03/31Read more
ResiduFlex. Infrastructure and technology network on residue valorisationEIT Raw MaterialsVilma Ducman2016/01/012018/12/31Read more
STORM. Industrial Symbiosis for the Sustainable Management of Raw MaterialsEIT Raw MaterialsAlenka Mauko Pranjić2016/01/012018/12/31Read more
VirtualMineEIT Raw MaterialsMateja Golež2017/04/012019/03/31Read more
Visual3D. Visualisation of 3D–4D models in exploration and geosciencesEIT Raw MaterialsAlenka Mauko Pranjić2017/04/012020/04/01Read more
INNOMAT. Innovation Management through integration of LCA Training PackagesEIT Raw MaterialsJanez Turk2018/01/012020/06/30Read more
REEBAUX. Prospects of REE recovery from bauxite and bauxite residue in the ESEE regionEIT Raw MaterialsAna Mladenović2018/01/012021/03/31Read more
RIS-RECOVER. Regional innovation scheme for zero waste extraction of critical raw materialsEIT Raw MaterialsAlenka Mauko Pranjić2018/01/012021/03/31Read more
SPL-CYCLE. Closing the loop of the Spent Pot-line SPL in Al smelting processEIT Raw MaterialsAna Mladenović2018/02/012021/03/31Read more
EIT RawMaterials Hub – Regional Center AdriaEIT Raw MaterialsAlenka Mauko Pranjić2018/01/012023/01/01Read more
BloW-uP. Balkans Waste to Products: transfer of NoI model to Balkan area: de-siloing new waste-derived raw materials and devel-oping new applicationsEIT Raw MaterialsAna Mladenović2017/04/012019/03/31Read more
Assets4Rail - Measuring, monitoring and data handling for railway assets; bridges, tunnels, tracks and safety systemsHorizon 2020, Shift2Rail schemeStanislav Lenart2018/12/012021/05/31Read more
MINEA Mining the European AnthroposphereCOSTSabina Dolenec2016/03/042020/03/03Read more
CRM ExtremeCOSTTadeja Kosec2016/03/102020/03/09Read more
Innovative Solutions for Cross Laminated Timber StructuresERA NET ForestValueTomaž Pazlar2019/03/012022/02/28Read more
Self-healing As preventive Repair of COncrete StructuresCOSTAndrijana Sever Škapin2016/09/302020/09/29Read more
Fire safe use of bio-based building productsCOSTFriderik Knez2014/12/052018/12/04Read more
Basis of structural timber design – from research to standardsCOSTTomaž Pazlar2014/11/252018/11/25Read more
Forests, their Products and ServicesCOSTFriderik Knez2015/03/102019/03/09Read more
Quantifying the value of structural health monitoringCOSTAleš Žnidarič2014/11/132018/11/13Read more
Towards the next generation of standards for service life of cement-based materials and structuresCOSTAljoša Šajna2014/11/182018/11/17Read more
European network for shallow geothermal energy applications in buildings and infrastructures GABICOSTStanislav Lenart2015/03/092019/03/08Read more
Quality specifications for roadway bridges, standardization at a European level BridgeSpecCOSTAndrej Anžlin2015/04/162019/04/15Read more
Mineral wool waste back to loop with advanced sorting, pre-treatment, and alkali activationVilma Ducman2019/06/012022/05/31Read more
RIS-ALiCE - Al-rich industrial residues for mineral binders in ESEE regionEIT Raw MaterialsSabina Dolenec2019/03/012022/02/28Read more
RIS-CuRE - Zero waste recovery of copper tailings in the ESEE regionEIT Raw MaterialsAna Mladenović2019/01/012021/12/31Read more
WhISPER - Waterless Iron Silicate Production with Energy RecoveryEIT Raw MaterialsMateja Košir2019/01/012021/12/31Read more
CORTOOLS. Co-creation of corrosion monitoring and prediction toolsEIT Raw MaterialsTadeja Kosec2019/01/012021/12/31Read more
Connected Data for Effective CollaborationCEDR Conference of European Directors of RoadsDarko Kokot2019/10/012021/09/30Read more
POCYTIF - A POsitive Energy CITY Transformation FrameworkHorizon 2020Sabina Jordan2019/10/012024/09/30Read more
LIFE HIDAQUA - Sustainable water management on high water demanding industriesLIFE programmePrimož Oprčkal2019/09/012025/09/30Read more
LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE - Boosting greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2020 with a view to 2030 – promoting sustainable transport, energy efficiency, renewable energies and sustainable, climate protecting land use in the transition to low carbon societyLIFE programme and Republic of Slovenia Ministry of the Environment and Spatial PlanningSabina Jordan2019/01/012026/12/31Read more
ADRISEISMIC - New approaches for seismic improvement and renovation of Adriatic and Ionian historic urban centersInterreg Adrion programAndrej Anžlin2020/04/012022/04/01Read more
RIS-RESTORE: Evaluation of Red Mud Tailings in the ESEE regionEIT Raw MaterialsAna Mladenović2020/04/012023/03/31Read more
Towards improved Assessment of Safety Performance for long-term operation LTO of nuclear Civil Engineering Structures ACESHorizon 2020Andraž Legat2020/09/012024/08/31Read more
3DBRIEFCASE - Learning the use of minerals through non conventional and digital toolsEIT RawMaterialsPetra Vrhovnik2020/01/012021/12/31Read more
oVERFLOw - Vulnerability assessment of embankments and bridges exposed to flooding hazardsThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme Union Civil Protection Mechanism Grant Agreement Number 874421Andrej Anžlin2019/12/012021/11/30Read more
LIFEproETV – Promotion and implementation of ETV as an EU voluntary scheme for verifying performance of environmental technologiesLIFEAlenka Mauko Pranjić2020/09/012024/06/30Read more
EURAD - European Joint program on Radioactive Waste ManagementHorizon 2020Bojan Zajec2019/06/012023/05/31Read more
FRISSBE - Fire-safe Sustainable Built EnvironmentHorizon 2020Andraž Legat2021/01/012026/12/31Read more
ComTraForce - Comprehensive traceability for force metrology servicesEMPIRMiha Hiti2019/09/012023/02/28Read more
Metrology for the determination of emissions of dangerous substances from building materials into indoor airMiha Jukić2021/06/012024/06/30Read more
CROSScade - Cross-border cascading risk management for critical infrastructure in Sava river basinUnion Civil Protection MechanismMirko Kosič2022/03/012024/02/29Read more
MEZeroE - Measuring Envelope systems for Zero Energy buildingsHorizon 2020Friderik Knez2021/01/012026/01/31Read more
EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub SloveniaEIT Raw MaterialsAnja Ilenič2020/01/012023/01/01Read more
DIMESEE-2. Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining School - Implementing innovationsEIT Raw MaterialsAna Mladenović2021/01/012025/03/31Read more
GEOLAB, enhancing Europe’s Critical InfrastructureHorizon 2020Stanislav Lenart2021/02/012025/01/31Read more
RIS Education & EntrepreneurshipEIT Raw MaterialsMateja Košir2022/01/012022/12/31Read more
RIS Internship programme: broadening University-Business CooperationEIT Raw MaterialsMateja Košir2022/01/012024/12/31Read more
AshCycle - Integration of Underutilized Ashes into Material Cycles by Industry-Urban SymbiosisH-EuropeVilma Ducman2022/06/012026/06/01Read more
WEEE-NET9 - Improving CRMs extraction capacities in RIS WEEE recyclingEIT Raw Materials GmbHAlenka Mauko Pranjić2022/09/012024/08/30Read more
LIFE IP RESTART - Boosting waste recycling into valuable products by setting the environment for a circular economy in SloveniaLIFEAlenka Mauko Pranjić2022/01/012030/12/31Read more
CastQC - A novel cast ultra-high-specific strength quasicrystal aluminium alloyEIT RMMateja Košir2022/09/012024/08/31Read more
CirCon4Climate - Circular Construction Practices for Climate ActionEUKIJanez Turk2022/12/012025/03/30Read more
GEORIS-KAVA9 - Innovative technologies for waste processing in ESEE RegionEIT RMVilma Ducman2022/09/012024/08/30Read more
INFRACOMS - Innovative & Future-proof Road Asset Condition Monitoring SystemsCEDRDarko Kokot2022/07/012024/06/30Read more
STILLMETAL - Sustainable sLag process to obtain a valuable METALEIT RM2022/07/112024/12/31Read more
CO2TREAT- Accelerated CO2 Treatment of alkaline residues for low carbon bindersERA MINAna Mladenović2022/05/012025/04/30Read more
BIM4CE - Bridge monitoring using real-time data and digital twins for Central EuropeINTERREG CENTRAL EUROPEMirko Kosič2022/04/012025/03/30Read more
EXFires - Exploration Fire SafetyESA- EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCYGrunde Jomaas2022/10/012024/10/01Read more
ReBuilt - Circular and digital renewal of central Europe construction and building sectorINTERREG CENTRAL EUROPEAlenka Mauko Pranjić2023/04/012026/03/31Read more
INDY - Energy independent and efficient deployable military campsEUROPEAN DEFENCE FUNDWilson Rojas Alva2022/12/012024/11/30Read more
CIRCUIT - Holistic approach to foster CIRCUlar and resilient transport InfrasTructures and support the deployment of Green and Innovation Public Procurement and innovative engineering practicesHORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02Lucija Hanžič2023/05/012027/04/30Read more
HeSci - Heritage ScienceLucia Mancini2023/08/012026/07/31Read more
Academics4Rail - Building a community of railway scientific researchers and academia for ERJU and enabling a network of PhDs academia teaming with industryStanislav Lenart2023/09/012027/02/28Read more
BUILDCHAIN - BUILDing knowledge book in the blockCHAIN distributed ledgerHorizon EuropeKatja Malovrh Rebec2023/01/012025/12/31Read more
RENOINVEST - Roundtables enhancing smart investments in sustainable renovation of buildingsSabina Jordan2023/10/012026/03/01Read more
ADDCIRCLES - Promoting Sustainable Regional Development through Additive Manufacturing: A Cross-Border Initiative for a Resilient and Circular EconomyInterreg_Co-funded by the European Union; ESSR 80 %Branka Mušič2023/11/012026/10/31Read more
VIRIDI - Stärkung des gemeinsamen Übergangs zu einer kreislauforientierten und ressourceneffizienten Wirtschaft durch integrierte und digitale Unterstützung für KMU in der grenzübergreifenden Region SI-ATInterreg Slovenija - Avstrija / Interreg Slovenia - AustriaDragica Marinič2023/10/012026/09/30Read more
AUGMENTED CCAM - Augmenting and Evaluating the Physical and Digital Infrastructure for CCAM deploymentHorizon EuropeDarko Kokot2022/09/012025/12/31Read more
TRANSITION - Transforming waste into high-performance 3D printable cementitious compositesM-ERA.NET Call 2022Lidija Korat2023/09/012026/08/31Read more
H7-8294 Consumer demand for circular urban living: insights from Sweden, Slovenia and the NetherlandsSlovenian Research and Innovation Agency DUT partnership Driving Urban Transitions towards a Sustainable FutureSabina Jordan2023/10/012026/09/30Read more