Certification Service

As a certification body, ZAG’s Certification Service (CS ZAG) places great emphasis on the continuous improvement of the quality of its services. For this purpose it has established its own quality management system which meets the requirements of the standards SIST EN 45011 and SIST EN ISO/IEC 17065, whose fulfilment is confirmed by internationally acknowledged accreditation.

In accordance with the provisions of the EU Regulation No. 305/2011 (the Construction Products Regulation), ZAG is a notified certification body, with the identification number 1404, allotted by the European Commission. ZAG has also been designated by the provisions of ZGPro-1 (the Slovenian Construction Products Act) as a certification body for all technical specifications defined by Article 5 of ZGPro-1.

ZAG’s Certification Service is actively involved whenever legislative, or standardization and conformity assessment procedures are being prepared or upgraded, so that customers, i.e. producers, traders and buyers of construction products, as well as building contractors, are kept well informed about likely future trends in these fields, while they simultaneously supply the Certification Service with information about their current needs, aspirations and problems.

With its high level of expertise, excellent knowledge of conditions on the market, and clearly visible sensitivity to the needs of society as a whole, the Certification Service acts as a link between the producers of construction products, building contractors, supervisory institutions, and investors.

Customers are treated equally regardless of their size, turnover, type of business, or the country in which they are based, and employees may not engage in activities which could jeopardize their independence or integrity, and thereby affect the impartiality of their findings and decisions.

General information, procedures and forms

General informations and procedures:


Certification schemes:

All other information regarding activities and authorisations of the Certification service are available only in Slovene language (link)

Important milestones:

  • 1996: ZAG’s Certification Service is established
  • 1998: ZAG defines its first certification schemes for construction products
  • 1998: ZAG issues its first certificates of conformity
  • 1998: ZAG’s voluntary mark of conformity is registered
  • 2003: ZAG’s range of certification activities is extended to the field of the certification of packaging material for the transport of dangerous goods
  • 2003: ZAG’s Certification Service is accredited according to the standard EN 45011
  • 2004: ZAG attains the status of a EU notified body, No. 1404, according to the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC (CPD)
  • 2004: ZAG assumes the role of the representative of Slovenia in the Advisory Group of the Group of Notified Bodies (AG GNB)
  • 2004: ZAG becomes a member of the Committee for Coordination in Slovenia’s Building and Civil Engineering Industry
  • 2006: ZAG takes over the leadership of the National Mirror Group of Conformity Assessment Bodies
  • 2013: ZAG extends the scope of its activities by obtaining the status of a notified body, No. 1404, also according to the EU Construction Products Regulation No. 305/2011

Our personnel

Name and surname E-mail Phone
Egon Milost, M.Sc. (head) certificates@zag.si 00386 1 280 42 08
Marjan Japelj
Vesna Krajnc Brodar
Bernardka Istenič
Maja Lampe
Katja Slanc

Head of the department:
Egon Milost, Sc (Civ.Eng.)

e-mail: certifikati@zag.si
Phone: 01 280 44 53

Phone: 01 280 42 08