The Department of Structures

The load-carrying capacity, stability, and seismic resistance of buildings are based on their structural systems and foundations. Experienced professionals, using high-tech equipment, are able to offer professional support to investors, designers, contractors, and surveillance bodies for all types of structures. They frequently co-operate, in various projects, with experts from other scientific/research institutions and industries both in Slovenia and in other countries, thus strengthening their professional excellence and acquiring new knowledge and skills. Structures are investigated and tested, and inspections and expert studies are performed.

In the case of numerous test methods, accreditation is maintained according to the standard DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 by Slovenian Accreditation, under Registration No. LP-005.

The Department of Structures consists of:

Head of the department:
Iztok Klemenc
Phone: 01 280 44 26