Web Cookies

Cookies are small text files sent by a website and stored in the web browser that accesses the website. They are used in order to achieve a better user experience. With their help, the website “remembers” you for the time of your visit (session cookies) or in case of a repeat visit (persistence cookies). When the device returns to the website, the data stored in the cookie can be transmitted back to the website.

We use different types of cookies on the ZAG website:

Mandatory cookies

Mandatory cookies ensure the proper functioning of the website www.zag.si. Such cookies enable the visitor to use the website without interruption. Without these cookies, the website would not function properly.

Cookie Name Purpose Duration
The cookie is used to store and recognize the user’s unique session identification number for the purpose of managing the user’s session on the website.
The cookie uses a security system to prevent brute force attacks and does not allow the identification of an individual user.
Tests that the browser accepts cookies.
Cookie stores the current language. This cookie is enabled by default on sites that use the Language filtering for AJAX operations feature.
Cookie stores your decision regarding consent to allow or decline cookies. It does not store any personal data.
365 days

Analytical cookies

They are cookies that we use to improve the user experience. The information we obtain with cookies helps us understand how visitors use the website and based on this we decide on functional and content adjustments.

Cookie Name Purpose Duration
A cookie is used to track how visitors move within our website.
2 years
_ga_3BJ4X4Q7MG The cookie is used to persist session state. 2 years

You can control which cookies our website installs in your browser by selecting “cookie settings” on the bottom left side.