GEORIS info day and consortium meeting


On 11 May 2023, ZAG together with the Geological Survey of Slovenia organised the “GEORIS info day” where we presented innovative technologies for the recovery of mineral waste in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Dr. Vilma Ducman and Dr. Sabino Dolenec participated.

In the morning, lectures for potential users of the technologies were held, where, among others, Dr Vilma Ducman presented examples of products obtained on the basis of geopolymerisation and alkali activation, and Dr Gorazd Žibert together with Dr Sabina Dolenec presented a register of secondary raw materials that could potentially be used for the alkali activation process.

After the lectures, there was a short discussion among the participants and an exchange of ideas on the use of some of the waste raw materials in their respective sectors. A consortium meeting followed in the afternoon to review activities to date and plans for the future.
On the second day, an excursion to the new ZAG Fire Laboratory in Logatec was organized.

More about the EORIS-KAVA9 project – Innovative technologies for waste recovery in the ESEE region:
The University of KU Leuven (BE) and ENALOS (GR) have developed a geopolymerisation technology consisting of a modular, mobile unit that can be packed in a container and transported to a site for the production of high added value materials. These new materials can be used in various sectors such as construction and automotive (catalytic converter parts). In Slovenia, paving stones will be produced in this way at SIJ Akroni, which will be installed at a demo site by Gorenjska stavebne družba (Gorenjska Construction Company), and ZAG will be involved, among other things, in the technical support for the pilot production and in the testing of the resulting products.

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