Nuclear Corrosion Summer School – NuCoSS-23 took place in Hotel Špik in Gozd – Martuljek from July 2nd to 7th. This is the 3rd time this event has been held and ZAG has been actively involved in the local organization of the events since its very beginning (Bled, 2015).

The NuCoSS-23 summer school was attended by 38 participants, most of them from Europe, but also from the USA, Brazil, the Republic of Korea and Canada. Lectures were given by 12 experts from renowned institutes and universities, namely by Fabio Scenini, Dirk Engelberg, Damien Féron, Hans-Peter Seifert, Renate Kilian, Damien Delacoux, Stefan Ritter, Jan Macak, Pål Efsing, Jamie Noël, Laure Martinelli and Peter Schrems.

The lectures were given in the morning and late afternoon-evening block, leaving a time slot for sport and relaxation in between. The content of the summer school covered the field of basic electrochemistry in corrosion, an overview of corrosion processes in nuclear fuel recycling, all possible forms of corrosion in the cooling systems of nuclear reactors, corrosion in the field of nuclear waste disposal, corrosion in gen IV reactors etc. In the early afternoon, we prepared a variety of sport and leisure activities for the participants, where they could visit Vršič & source of Soča river, Martuljek waterfalls, Planica and the Tamar valley, as well as cycling on e-bikes to the Peričnik waterfall in the Vrata valley.

Last day of summer school involved practical work, where participants divided in 13 groups performed various electrochemical corrosion measurements using small portable potentiostats provided by Peter Schrems’ IPS company (

Since the very beginning of NuCoSS in 2015, ZAG and colleagues from the Laboratory for Metals, Corrosion and Anticorrosion protection have acted as the local organizers under my guidance. The other co-organizers of the event are PSI Institute (Switzerland), The University of Manchester (UK) and CEA (France) which are responsible to the selection of lecturers and school curriculum.

It is worth noting that one of the sponsors of the event is the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC), that provided funds for two Student grants (fee waiver).  Out of several applicants, the independent commission choose our coworker Klara Prijatelj. More on this is available in the EFC e-newsletter on p. 11:
and an interview with Klara is available here:   You can find more about the NuCoSS-23 summer school and its program and content at its website:



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