Fire Research and Innovation Unit

Fire Research and Innovation Unit is a result of a successful project application to the Horizon 2020 ERA Chair call, which is a part of the Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation work programme.

The department strives to create and support a strong R&D centre focused on Southern and Central Europe in the field of fire-safe sustainable built environments.

Some relevant areas of research are:

  • numerical methods in fire (multiscale modelling, combustion process modelling, coupled thermal stress analysis),
  • hybrid and advanced experimental methods in fire (numerical/experimental coupling, methods for toxicity and ecotoxicity, façade fire),
    emissions, toxicity and ecotoxicity in fire (linking bench-top methods to real scale fires, identifying composition of combustion effluents, biomass burning),
  • fire research and structures (timber, geopolymers and composite structural elements in fire, pyrophoric carbonization of structural elements),
  • fire research on materials (bio-based composites, advanced thermal insulations, geopolymers).

The department aims to amplify the capacities of the new Fire laboratory in Logatec. The FRISSBE project will provide the department with the ERA Chair holder (head of the department), 2 senior researchers, 6 postdoctoral researchers, and 3 PhD students. The goal is that the FRISSBE project results in sustainable structural changes towards even higher excellence at ZAG, and also spread excellence in the region. Further, the ERA Chair is expected to analyse, and potentially modify, ZAG’s research and innovation landscape, intensify strong cooperation with industry and enhance the competitiveness in attaining projects.

The project name “FRISSBE” entails establishing sustainable structural changes towards even higher excellence at ZAG and expanding excellence within the region. Furthermore, the ERA Chair holder, who is the head of the department, is analyzing and potentially transforming the research and innovation landscape at ZAG, strengthening collaboration with industry, and enhancing ZAG’s competitiveness in achieving projects. More information can be found on the project website.

Head of the department:
ddr. Aleš Jug, univ. dipl. oec., var. inž.
Mobile phone: 041 786 647