Hygrothermal chamber for accelerated aging of facade elements
The hygrothermal chamber was designed to test the hygrothermal response or accelerated aging of samples under controlled conditions by establishing and cycling different hygro-thermal conditions with standardized water spraying on the sample. It operates within arbitrary settings in a temperature range of -30°C to 85°C and a relative humidity range of 10% to 98%. The large interior of the chamber, 2.16 x 2.30 x 3.20 m, allows relatively large samples to be tested. Due to its flexible parameters, it can be used both for research work and for various standard and non-standard tests. Among the standardized tests, these are especially hygrothermal testing of non-ventilated facade systems (ETICS) in accordance with ETAG 004. According to this methodology, it is possible to test two facade samples with an area of ​​3.50 × 2.40 m at the same time, under the same hygrothermal conditions. Access to the equipment is possible by prior arrangement. The price of the investigation depends on the complexity of the experiment.