Measuring chain for measuring sound intensity
The measuring chain for measuring sound intensity is a connected system consisting of a probe with two microphones at a mutual distance of 12 mm and a modular precision sound analyzer for registering and processing measurement data. By measuring sound intensity, not only the level of sound pressure is determined, but also the direction of sound propagation. In this way, it is possible to define which sound sources contribute to the sound field being measured and to what extent. The system is therefore useful, for example, for determining the sound intensity of building elements and elements of mechanical devices that radiate sound. It can also be used to determine the sound insulation of partition walls and mezzanine structures in the field, without determining the impact of lateral sound transmission, as well as to identify deficiencies in buildings that impair sound protection in relation to the expected level of sound protection. The frequency range of the measuring chain is 50 Hz to 6.3 kHz (in three frequency bands).