ATOS I - high speed 3D digitizer
Karmen Fifer Bizjak, T: +386 41 39 55 51, karmen.fifer@zag.si
Andraž Geršak, T: +386 1 28 04 245, andraz.gersak@zag.si
Janko Čretnik, T: +386 1 28 04 341, janko.cretnik@zag.si
Mateja Golež, T: +386 1 28 04 340, mateja.golez@zag.si

The ATOS I has been specially designed to quickly but highly accurately scan three-dimensional object. The sensor unit projects a precise fringe pattern onto the object to be measured. These patterns are then recorded by two cameras. Using stereophotogrammetry method, the 3D coordinate positions for each camera pixel can be calculated. After the measurement, a polygon mesh of the object’s surface is generated, which may be saved and exported in a number of standard file format (STL, ASCII, IGES). For color processing Geomagic Wrap is used. The ATOS 3D digitizer is a light weight and portable machine capable of measuring indoor or outdoor. One measurement captures up to 800,000 pixels in 0.8 s. Measured area is 250 x 200 mm. Accuracy is 0.01 mm.