The Laboratory for Structures

The Laboratory for Structures is a universal testing laboratory, in which various types of mechanical tests can be performed on smaller sets of structural elements, so that the results can be compared individually. Sophisticated test set-ups, involving the use of modern measurement equipment and carefully designed testing assemblies, can be erected which make possible the application of static and/or dynamic loads to individual test specimens. These tests are performed in a large testing hall, which is equipped with several gantry cranes for the handling of both large and smaller samples. The massive foundation for the fixing of the testing assemblies, which is unique in Slovenia, is of particular importance. Apart from the tests which are carried out in the testing hall under controlled conditions, inspections and tests of structures are also performed in the field.


  • the implementation of various static and dynamic tests of structural elements; static loads of max. 5000 kN can be applied as well dynamic loads of max. 1000 kN at frequencies of up to 100 Hz
  • field inspections of structures, comprising geodetic measurements of displacements and deformations, as well as the in situ sampling of materials, and non-destructive tests of structural elements
  • the development of testing methods and related computer software

The main items of testing equipment

  • a 14 x 26 m testing floor with a load-carrying capacity of 1000 kN/m2 together with a 10 x 10 m strong floor and a modular system of steel structural elements;
  • a 6 x 7m reaction wall with a load-carrying capacity of 1000 kN/m2;
  • a single-component shaking-table with a 2.0 x 3.2 m platform (maximum payload: 5000 kg, maximum acceleration: 5 g);
  • a servo-hydraulic testing system with a set of 2-way actuators with capacities of 16 kN to 1000 kN;
  • two hydraulic pumps with a total flow of up to 245 l/min at a working pressure of 280bar;
  • a ZWICK universal static testing machine with a capacity of 2500kN;
  • two dynamic axial testing frames: a Schenck PSA machine with a capacity of 100 kN, and an Instron 1342 machine with a capacity of 250 kN;
  • an axial-torsional dynamic test frame for combined axial/torsional loads (up to 25 kN / 200 NM), equipped with an environmental test chamber;
  • two hydraulically-powered compression testing machines with a capacity of 5000kN;
  • two Amsler pulsators, operating at low and medium frequencies;
  • a set of one-way acting Amsler hydraulic jacks of capacity 5 kN to 1000 kN.

The main items of measuring equipment

  • a large number of calibrated transducers for the measurement of displacements, strains, velocities, accelerations, forces, pressures, and torque;
  • modular MGCPlus (HBM) universal measuring amplifiers with a total capacity of up to 70 channels, for use in dynamic and static loading tests;
  • UPM 60 and UPM 100 (HBM) universal data acquisition systems with 220 channels, for use in static loading tests;
  • a GOM Aramis 5M optical measurement system, for contactless measurements of displacement and strain fields, with an accuracy of 0.01 mm in the case of an observation field of size 2.0 x 2.0m;
  • a SMARTEC SOFO measurement system based on the use of optical fibres for precise measurements of displacements;
  • a LIMTEK laser interferometer for contactless measurements of displacements with an accuracy of up to 0.01 of a micrometer;
  • Zeiss precise levels, theodolites, optical plumbs, and total measurement stations; a Leica electronic distance measurer;
  • equipment for the magnetic rope testing of the steel wire ropes of cableway installations in technical inspections;
  • equipment for the non-destructive testing of structures: an Alladin IDS Ingeneria georadar system with an 2.4GHz antenna, Hilti Ferroscan PS 200 equipment for determining the arrangement of reinforcement, a universal instrument for non-destructive measurements manufactured by Olson instruments with modules for impact echo method UPV measurements.

Our staff

The staff working at the Laboratory for Structures consists of experts and technicians from various fields of expertise who can together provide widely-based support for the planning and implementation of tests of structural elements. With a long tradition of uninterrupted work and rich experience in the field of such testing work, the staff of the Laboratory are able to handle the most demanding challenges. Our work is based on high quality and flexibility.

Our team is the following:

  • Uroš Ristić, MSc (Head)
  • Uroš Bohinc, PhD
  • Branko Cerut, BSc
  • Primož Oblak, BSc (Elec.Eng.)
  • Vladimir Požonec, BSc
  • Matjaž Hlebš, Mech.Eng.
  • Daša Golinar
  • Miha Pagon, BSc
  • Bernardka Marija Podbevšek, BSc
  • Stanko Sarafimov, BSc (Mech.Eng.)
  • Aleksander Sladič Oblak
  • Dominik Štefan, BSc
  • Matjaž Urh, BSc
  • Jože Golob

Head of Laboratory:
Uroš Ristić
01 280 41 97
01 280 42 70 (secretariat)