The Section for Metal and Polymer Structures

The Section for Metal and Polymer Structures combines together researchers and experts with long years of experience in different special fields of civil and mechanical engineering. The staff of the Section co-operate with industry and firms which encounter problems or have questions in any of the Section’s fields of work. They are also involved in the development and implementation of new test methods for the field of non-standard tests.


  • technical and expert support for the introduction of new technologies and the implementation of new technical regulations in the field of metal and plastic structures, as well as ground anchors, rock bolts and soil nails;
  • field measurements, inspections and in situ assessment of the state of building and civil engineering structures and structural elements;
  • the performance of different types of laboratory tests, examinations and measurements of structural assemblies, elements and construction products;
  • the preparation of assessments, reviews, and expert studies, the performance of inspections and surveillance, and the implementation of quality control;
  • as part of the work of an inspection body for cableway installations, technical inspections of such installations are performed, as well as inspections and tests of their subsystems, and magnetic inductive inspection of steel ropes;
  • research and developmental work;
  • education and training.

Measuring and testing equipment

  • an electro-magnetic wire rope tester, NDT Technologies, Inc. (USA)
  • a static line tensiometer for measuring the tensile force applied to a cable or a rope, Sensy S.A. (Belgium)
  • measuring equipment for operating tests of brakes on cableway installations

Research projects, and research and development tasks

Research and development task: The development of new methods and technologies for the validation of high-pressure cast products for the automotive industry MVZT 2006-2007
COST FP1101: Assessment, strengthening and monitoring of timber structures EU 2011-2015
COST FP1404: Fire safe use of bio-based building products EU 2014-2019
InnoRenew CoE: Renewable materials and healthy environments research and innovation centre of excellence EU 2015-2016
Research and development task: Updating of criteria for the installation of permanent ground anchors DARS, d.d., 2003-2004
Research and development task: Rationalization when using permanent ground anchors – Part 2 DARS, d.d., 2006-2008

Head of the Section:
dr. Iztok Klemenc
01 280 44 26
01 280 42 49 – Metal structures
01 280 42 54 – Timber structures
01 280 43 99 – Polymer structures

An inspection body for cableway installations (type C in accordance with the standard SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020:2004) operates within the scope of the Section.