Device for testing building materials and elements for resistance to hail
With the device for testing building elements for resistance to hail, it is possible to determine the resistance of building envelope samples, facades, roof coverings, light domes, glazing, etc. , to the blows of hail. The device enables tests to be performed according to various test standards, e.g. ANSI/FM Approvals 4473. It works on the principle of an air cannon, in which the pushing force of compressed air shoots a previously prepared ice grain at a properly controlled speed through a tube towards the sample. Artificial ice grains, which imitate natural hail ice grains and are used for shelling, have different diameters, consistent with the requirements of the standards. The maximum ice grain diameter is 50.8 mm (2 inches), but larger ones can be provided with minor adjustments to the equipment. The air cannon can reach speeds of up to 122 km/h.