Vacuum pressure chamber VPT-135
Vacuum pressure chamber VPT-135 is made of stainless steel (AISI 304). The internal dimensions of the chamber are Ø 400 mm × 1000 mm, which also determines the maximum sample size (1090 mm × 300 mm × 220 mm). Heating of the chamber up to 250 ° C is possible. Working pressure ranges from 0.1 - 13 bar abs. Chamber can be used in vertical and horizontal positions.
Chamber VPT-135 enables:
  1. Vacuum pressure impregnation of liquids in wood and other porous materials, also possible at elevated temperatures.
  2. Thermal modification of wood and other materials in vacuum (without the presence of oxygen).
  3. Drying in vacuum and/or at elevated temperature. Heating the material in a vacuum or inert atmosphere allows drying (or heating) of materials that are sensitive to atmospheric moisture or oxygen.
  4. Disinfection of materials at elevated temperature and pressure.
The procedures a)-d) are able to perform in different atmospheres (eg: N2, CO2, Ar).

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