Laboratory line for kneading and granulation of polymer composites
The use of the LAB20 kneading extruder allows various settings and configurations, i.e. process procedures, thus better research and better understanding of both material and process, and further faster development in the direction of green chemistry and faster establishment of new (pilot) production. The management of such a system is user-friendly, as it is digitally managed via a screen on which the main variables of the process are visible at all times.
During extrusion, the input compounds are first dosed into the dosing systems, which are usually software (digitally) controlled, which then go along transport routes to the cylinder. In the cylinder, which is along the path of the material, equipped with several heating zones, where the material mixture is heated and then solidified, there are two rotating screws that knead and push the material towards the die during transport. There are kneading elements on the auger, which can be designed according to scientific findings or determine the sequence of different kneading or different configuration of the elements, thus adjusting the method of mixing and the intensity of kneading, which enables more precise/advanced research. The possibility of different configurations, depending on the properties of the processed material, give the special mixing and shearing elements different effects for high flexibility of the process. With the help of a pelletizer, well-defined granulated material is obtained, which is additionally separated from dust and granules with a final classifier.
The LAB20 laboratory line consists of the following components:
- fast mixer, 10 L, 3 kW
- 2x dosing system with AC inverter,
- AC motor, 4 kW, 1480 rpm/600 rpm
- extruder - flow rate 5-15 kg/h, 42 L/D
- frequency control for setting the mixing speed
- twin-screw extruder, with the possibility of changing kneading elements
- all zones have the option of heating/cooling (except for 1 zone without heating), total heating power 6.5 kW
- Water cooling, vacuum. pump 1.5 kW
- Pelletizer, 2 outputs (holes for granulation 4 mm), 2.2 kW
- Classifier, motor 0.08 kW, 6 mm/0.8 mm
- Control panel/monitor
It is advanced research equipment with which the researchers of the Institute of Civil Engineering of Slovenia want to get involved in new, green programs, recycling and processing, which enable a circular economy and are coordinated with EU policy.
Access to research equipment can be arranged via the links below. Since the work on the research equipment is specific to the individual test, the terms of use and the offer are formed based on your request and conversation with the operator.