Servo-hydraulic machine for static and dynamic testing – Zwick/Roell HB1000 Zwick/Roell, Germany, 2023
 A servo-hydraulic machine with axial load capability in both tensile and compressive directions enables both static and dynamic testing to be performed.
Basic features of the equipment:
– nominal force: ± 1000 kN,
– width of test space between columns: 800 mm,
– stroke of the machine: 1600 mm,
– actuator stroke: 250 mm,
– hydraulic wedge grips and clamping jaws for:
– tensile test of steel according to EN ISO 6892-1:2019,
- dynamic test and tensile test of reinforcing steel and reinforcing mesh according to EN ISO 15630-1, 2:2019,
– dynamic test of wire strands according to EN ISO 15630-3:2019.
Some methods of mechanical testing are accredited by the Slovenian Accreditation.
The equipment was 50% co-financed by ARRS (ARIS) as part of the Public Tender for co-financing the purchase of research equipment (Package 20).
Access to the equipment is possible by prior arrangement. The price of the investigation depends on its complexity.
TYPE OF EQUIPMENT: Physical and mechanical testing
CONTACT: Andrej Kranjc (andrej.kranjc@zag.si)