Rheometer for fresh mortar and concrete Viskomat XL Schleibinger Geraete
The rheometer Viskomat XL enables the rheological characterization of cement composites up to a maximum aggregate grain size of 16 mm. It is equipped with two measuring geometries, the anchor and Vane probe, and a peripheral basket to prevent the sliding slip. A temperature regulation system enables measurements in the temperature range between 0 and +65 °C. The rheometer enables stress-controlled measurements with a torque scale of 0.1 Ncm and a deflection/angle scale of 0.01° at a maximum speed of 4 rpm, and oscillatory measurements with a maximum amplitude of 3.6 ° and a maximum frequency of 4 Hz.
  • Sample volume: 3.0 l,
  • speed range: 0.0001 to 80 rpm
  • maximum torque: 10 Nm
  • torque ranges: 0-3 Nm and 0-10 Nm
  • sampling density: 0.005-160 s
Measurements can be ordered by prior arrangement (Ana Brunčič; 070 532 812/ana.bruncic@zag.si), the price of the service depends on the type and quantity of measurements.
The equipment was purchased with 50% co-financing from ARIS.