Isothermal Calorimeter
Isothermal calorimeter is a well-suited equipment to investigate processes that evolve or consume heat over the course of days and weeks such as cement hydration. Two types of isothermal calorimeters (TA instruments) are available, TAM Air 8 isothermal calorimeter particularly suitable for investigating binders and mortars and TAM Air 3 isothermal calorimeter to investigate concrete.
Both isothermal calorimeters continuously measure and display the heat flow, as a result of various reactions. It is an effective method in studying the hydration of cement pastes, mortars or concrete at a constant temperature. The temperature inside the calorimeters during the measurement is adjustable in the range between 5 and 90 °C.
With the use of this equipment we can determine and study:
  • the heat of hydration
  • the reactivity of different mineral additives, or individual clinker phases,
  • the influence of temperature, water/binder ratio, mineral additives, fillers, contaminants, aggregates on reaction kinetics,
  • interactions between the different types of  mineral additives and/or chemical admixtures and cement,
  • the correlation between results obtained by isothermal calorimetry and results obtained by other complementary techniques (testing initial and final set according to the procedure prescribed in SIST EN 196-1, gain of compressive strength...),
and optimize the amount of added calcium sulphate, additives and/or chemical admixtures , as well as nanomaterials in binders, mortars and concrete.