Gas adsorber ASAP 2020
Surface area and porosity are two important physical properties of materials which can have an important effect on the scope of their potential applications. Different parameters related to these two properties can be determined by using special gas adsorption measuring equipment, together with the corresponding software which can perform analyses according to different adsorption theories (e.g. the Brunauer, Emmet and Teller theory, and the Barrett, Joyner and Halenda theory). The basic measurement consists of the adding (or removing) of a quantity of gas (nitrogen or crypton) to samples at the cryogenic temperature, in order to obtain the adsorption - desorption isotherm, which shows the quantity of gas adsorbed \ desorbed versus the applied pressure.Parameters that can be determined are following: single-point and multi-point BET surface areas, Langmuir surface areas, pore volume and pore area distributions in the mesopore and macropore ranges, or in user-defined pore size ranges, average pore size, estimation of micropore volume.methods