ICP-MS is a powerful, fast multi-element analysis technique for determination of elements within low detection limits, even up to ng / L, with a ± 2% relative standard deviation.Liquid sample is in a form of aerosol introduced into plasma, where it is under the influenced of high temperature (7000 K) vaporized, atomized and ionized. Ions are introduced into the MS via a conical lens system (sampling and skimmer cone). There, the ions separate from the stream of argon that maintains the plasma and enter the vacuum region. Electrostatic lenses remove the non-ionized species and direct the flow of ions to the spectral interference removal system. This is made possible by an octapol collision cell with He kinetic energy discrimination and by a reaction cell using gases: NH3, H2, Xe. The ion flow then reaches mass analyser designed as a quadrupole separating the ions based on m / z by a combination of direct and alternating current. ICP-MS is one of the fundamental tools in element specification research, isotopic analysis, elemental composition determination of various materials and water matrices.
Rental and access to equipment together with a qualified operator is possible by prior arrangement.
Equipment was purchased within Slovenian Research Agency public call for co-financing research equipment Paket 17.