Device for measuring the airtightness of buildings
The Minneapolis Blower Door Model 4.1 device is intended for measurements of air tightness of building envelopes and envelopes of building parts by means of fan pressurization method in accordance with the standards SIST EN 13829, SIST EN ISO 9972 and similar (e.g. ASTM E 779). The main parts of the device are: adjustable door panel, consisting of tarpaulin with opening for the fan, which is usually installed into the door opening in building envelope; the fan with flow rings for measuring the air flow rate; the fan speed controller; two channel pressure gauge for sensing the signals of pressure differences of building interior towards the surrounding and of air flow rates through the fan. By means of the Tectite Express program, the measurements can be conducted automatically, semi-automatically or manually, including the data analysis. The device may be used for assessment or demonstration of compliance of a building envelope with the given requirements; and, in combination with additional devices (artificial smoke/fog generator, anemometer, thermographic camera), also for detection of air leakages in building envelope.