Device for testing joinery
The HOLTEN ROSENHEIM VH joinery testing device is a measuring chamber intended for testing joinery in terms of air permeability, water impermeability and resistance to wind load in accordance with SIST EN 1026, SIST EN 1027 and SIST EN 12211 standards. Various settings adjustments and operating regimes in its interior also enable related standardized investigations and tests of various samples, such as facade panels, suspended glass facade elements. The device can also be used for research purposes. The dimensions of the chamber allow testing of elements up to a width of 240 and a height of 275 cm. The maximum pressure difference inside the chamber that can be created with the device is 4000 Pa, the air flow can be measured in the range from 1 m3/h to 100 m3/h, and the maximum possible amount of uniform spraying is 12 l/min.