Standard percussion sound source
The standard impact sound source Brüel & Kjær type 3207 is a device consisting of 5 hammers placed in a straight line, which successively strike the building structure at time intervals of 100 ms. The device is used as a standardized source for the excitation of waves in building structures in the audible frequency range. It is intended to verify the achieved protection against impact sound in buildings, as well as to identify deficiencies that affect inadequate protection against impact sound. In the case of inadequate protection against impact sound, it is possible to determine by direct excitation of the building structure and by measuring the sound pressure level of the impact sound, what in the composition of the inter-floor construction has a bad effect on the protection against impact sound, and to determine the locations and extent of dominant sound transmissions through the structure (e.g. : rigid connections between floating floors and the rest of the building structure, rigid connections between stairwells and the rest of the building structure, etc.). The device is typically used for measurements according to the noise protection report, which is part of the project documentation in accordance with the legislation.