WOOLF - Wood and wood products over lifetime
R&D project WOOLF (Wood and wood products over lifetime) is based on the development of products and advanced technologies that will enable the use of standard and alternative non-invasive wood species and waste wood, prediction of the service lifetime of wood and wood products, their intelligent management and operation, and multi-storey modular wooden constructions. The aim of the multidisciplinary consortium with 4 industrial and 4 research organizations is to link the entire forest-wood chain and develop 4 final prototypes of products and services that combine into a final wooden modular building.
1. IoT sensor units WOrMS represent a system for monitoring the properties of wood that will be connected to the central unit by using wireless connections, which will be connected to the cloud with all the necessary infrastructure via the internet connection.
2. Intelligent ICT management system for wood structures bIOMASS is an advanced ICT cloud system that will allow flexible and efficient installation in public or private cloud. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive, expandable system that is compatible with the well-established IoT standards and which is specifically adapted to the domain of management of wooden structures.
3. Intelligently connected wooden windows system ICON represents windows made of selected wood species or waste wood, which is upgraded with WOrMS units and is an intelligent system capable of monitoring and predicting product life-time in combination with bIOMASS system.
4. The alternative lignocellulosic construction assembly ALLWOOD WALL presents hybrid load-bearing construction assemblies that will combine wood and steel with an aim to build modularly designed buildings with at least three floors and will be equipped with WOrMS units.
Project WOOLF is relevant for the priority area of the Smart buildings and homes, including wood chain and subarea Wood and wood chain.
2018/12/01 - 2021/11/30