N2-0188 CO2 transformation to valuable chemicals by catalytic and photocatalytic ways over highly active materials
CO2, a greenhouse gas, is considered to be largely responsible for the phenomenon of global warming and a cause of climate change. The conversion of CO2 into fuels or energy-rich products is an ideal approach to solve both CO2 emission and energy crisis problem. In fact, CO2 is abundant and non-toxic in low concentrations. Since it is inexpensive, this makes it a promising energy source.
The research activities of the proposed project are divided into 3 work packages (WPs) representing the specific objectives of the project:
WP1: Synthesis and characterization of catalysts and photocatalysts for the CO2 reduction based on materials with mesoporous mixed metal oxide and with heterojunction structure, respectively
WP2: Investigation of synthetized materials in the either CO2 catalytic or CO2 photocatalytic reduction
WP3: Deep understanding of the key parameters influencing the activity of investigated materials and generalization of the results
The main goal is to describe the fundamental facet of the effects on the activity of prepared materials in the CO2 transformation and to clarify the relationship between the activity, selectivity and stability of materials and their physico-chemical properties. The role of each partner is specified within detailed work packages description submitted to the lead agency. Roughly, Slovenian partners (UL and ZAG) will be responsible for the synthesis part, while the Czech partner (VŠB-TUO) will lead the characterization (structural and functional) part, supported by both Slovenian partners. VŠB-TUO has a long-term experience in the field of heterogeneous photocatalysis for environmental applications, on preparation of various types of nanoparticles, including testing of their functionality in photochemical reactions. UL has a complementary and strong expertise in wet chemical synthesis of metal oxide catalysts and their characterization in thin-film and powder form. ZAG has been researching photocatalysis on TiO2 and TiO2 related materials for more than a decade. Our collaboration clearly leads to a synergetic effect in the use of infrastructure, knowledge and skills.
2021/03/01 - 2024/02/29
Slovenian Research Agency SRA