Spoznaj - Support for the Implementation of Open Science Principles in Slovenia
The project's objective is to raise awareness, educate, and empower the consortium partners' staff by providing them with relevant knowledge and skills in open science. This includes developing educational materials, establishing support structures, and adapting the operational mechanisms of the consortium partners to align with the principles of open science. In addition to the consortium partners, the project aims to engage other significant stakeholders in scientific research activities, such as private research and higher education organizations, independent researchers, public agencies (ARIS, NAKVIS), other public institutions (e.g., Arnes, libraries), business entities, and the wider interested public.
By the project's completion on 30th June 2026, the consortium will organize a minimum of 30 public lectures on current topics related to open science and four national events with international participation. It will also define the profiles of support experts specializing in open science and research data management, creating a catalogue of their competencies. Specialised training sessions will be conducted for initial specialists in this field, including consortium partners and other interested institutions. Support structures will be established to assist these specialists as they commence their activities. Educational materials on practical applications of open science principles, with an emphasis on research data management, will be prepared in both online and printed formats. Existing documents and processes at consortium partners will be evaluated, proposing formal bases of operation in line with the principles of open science, and pilot adjustments will be implemented. The project will strive to raise awareness about the significance of open science among professionals and the general public.
2023/01/01 - 2026/06/30
Projekt sofinancirata Ministrstvo za visoko šolstvo, znanost in inovacije ter Evropska unija – NextGeneration EU prek nacionalnega Načrta za okrevanje in odpornost