RIS-DustRec-II: looking for task partners


RIS-DustRec-II project is looking for two (2) Task partners from eligible RIS countries to join the consortium on the implementation of the project tasks in the period from September 2023 until December 2024. Details, criteria and the process is described in detail in the Call text.


About the RIS-DustRec-II project

Each year about 1.3 Mt of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) dust and around 50 kt of Cupola Furnace (CF) dusts are generated in Europe. Both materials are hazardous waste (content of Zn, Cd, Cr, Ni, Pb…) which burden metallurgical industry, but can also be an alternative source of valuable metals. About 30 steelworks in the ESEE RIS region operate EAFs for steel scrap-based steel production. No recycling plant operates in the ESEE region, so the dust generators have additional costs of transporting the dust to the nearest Zn recovery plant. Landfilling of metallurgical dust is in many RIS countries forbidden due to the presence of toxic substances.

In RIS region, knowledge for extraction of a narrow range of EAF dust compounds exists, and also the utilisation of residues uses in construction industry. RIS DustRec project aims towards capacity building for effective (1) recovery of all economical compounds of the dusts (Zn, Pb, Cu, Fe and others); (2) minimal waste discharge; (3) economic feasibility with improved environmental and social impacts. The proposed innovative approach involves combining emerging techniques from innovative magnetic and gravity separation methods to new pyro and hydrometallurgical reprocessing technologies for the separated fractions. More than 10 locations in 5 RIS countries will be sampled and tested, and the business potential of the EAF and CF dust multicomponent recycling technology, and the Letters of Intent show a high interest in the industry.


Two (2) task partners expected roles will be:

  • coverage of the RIS eligible country, where the task partner has its headquarters/legal entity,
  • providing information on EAF/CF dust processing, on costs / problems / specifics connected to EAF & CF dust handling,
  • providers of test materials (EAF/CF dusts),
  • providing information and knowledge of legal and other requirements (and potential future stricter requirements) in the project scope,
  • providing the technology end-user view and experience, with the capacity for upscaling of the developed technology,
  • providing technical assistance (e.g. provision of samples and the production details (like steel quality while collecting the dust),
  • contributing by:
    • providing & engaging students in their activities,
    • workshop attendance and presentation of contributions,
    • site visits, production walk-through and technology explanation,
  • active involvement in the Advisory Board (AB),
  • participation in project workshops, conferences and meetings,
  • project administration and reporting (financial, progress) to the task partner patron (ZAG).


In case of any questions, please contact mateja.kosir@zag.si.

The application form (Annex II) must be submitted via email mateja.kosir@zag.si by August 31st, at 23.59 CEST.

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