A visit from the Hungarian EMI Institute


In March this year, the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZAG) officially started cooperation with EMI, a related institute in the field of construction from Hungary. In spring, the Director of ZAG, Dr Aleš Žnidarič, and Friderik Knez, then Head of the Department of Building Physics at ZAG, went to Budapest and at the end of August our new partners returned the visit.

So between August 29 and 30, we hosted the following EMI representatives:

  • Mrs Adrienn Buday – Malik (CEO)
  • Roland Fisi (Deputy CEO)
  • Péter Tóth (Chief Engineer)
  • Mrs Krisztina Szabo (International Relations)
  • Viktória Sándor (Head of Communications)

In addition to meetings and follow-up arrangements for future opportunities, they visited several of our laboratories. On the very first day, the Director of ZAG accompanied the group of guests to the Laboratory for Structures, which is the largest at the ZAG headquarters. Later they drove to Logatec to see the new Fire Laboratory.


On the second day of the visit, our experts showed them

  • Microtomograph (presented by Dr Alenka Mauko Pranjić),
  • Recycling at ZAG (presented by Dr Vilma Ducman and Dr Majda Pavlin),
  • Laboratory for Structures (presented by Dr Uroš Bohinc) and
  • Robotic station for digital production for 3D printing (presented by Dr Mateja Štefančič).

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