International visit within the project ALLVIEW


On Wednesday, January, 24, 2024, the Slovenian National Building and Civil Enginering Institute was visited through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia by professors and students from Poland and Italy within the ALLVIEW project.

We welcomed them in our large conference hall on the 5th floor, where they listened to Friderik Knez, Head of the Fire Laboratory and Fire Engineering, dr. Tomaž Pazlar, Head of the Section for Timber Structures, and dr. Rožle Repič, from the Laboratory for Stone, Aggregates and Recycled Materials and the Section for Functional Materials, presentig the activities of our institute in timber-testing:

  1. Testing of timber construction products
  2. Mechanical testing
  3. Modification and characterisation of timber
  4. Fire tests

The participants then split into two groups and took turns in guided tours to the Laboratory for Structures, the largest laboratory hall at ZAG’s headquarters in Ljubljana, and the interesting device microtomograph at the Department of Materials.

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