The Laboratory for Building  Physics

Experts of the laboratory investigate and provide technical and expert support to the important work of sustainable construction: the field of the energy efficiency of buildings, renewable energy in buildings, integrated life-cycle analysis (LCA, LCC), high-quality of the dwelling and working environment, including studies of noise and protection from noise pollution in construction, industry, and transport, and the acoustical design of rooms, auditoria, and sports halls to meet specified acoustic requirements. The Laboratory’s work also includes the provision of support to manufacturers in meeting legislative requirements, as well as cooperation with industry, businesses, and individuals who encounter problems or have questions in the field of energy efficiency and protection against noise.

The team is made up of researchers and experts in building physics, materials, and energy. Through the acquisition of new knowledge and the possession of top-class testing equipment, as well as by linking together with experts from various fields both in Slovenia and in other countries, the Laboratory can provide technical and scientific excellence.


  • Research work
  • Testing and testing procedures
  • Numerical calculations
  • On site measurements
  • Evaluations, expert opinions
  • Life cycle analyses (LCA, LCC)
  • Education and training
  • Co-operation and membership in various associations

Tests and testing procedures

  • Measurements of the properties of windows and balcony doors, and of other prefabricated building envelope elements
  • Measurements of the properties of thermo-insulating materials
  • Measurements of the thermal conductivity, thermal transmittance, thermal effusivity, specific heat capacity, and diffusion coefficient of materials and assemblages
  • Measurements of the thermal transmittance of glass, windows, and other transparent materials
  • Observation of the accelerated ageing of structural elements in an artificial environmental chamber
  • Measurements of the sound insulation properties of building elements and structures in the case of airborne and impact sound
  • Measurements of the of the sound absorption of materials and structures in the reverberation room and by the impedance tube method
  • Measurements of the sound insulation and absorption of noise reducing barriers

Numerical calculations

  • Calculations of heat transfers in the case of windows and various structural details
  • 2D calculations of the transmission of water and the diffusion of water vapour through structural assemblages
  • Dynamic simulations of buildings and energy systems

Field measurements

  • Thermographic analyses of the quality of the thermal protection of buildings and thermal bridges
  • Measurements, on buildings, of airtightness, thermal transmittance, and ventilation
  • Measurements of the sound insulation properties of structural elements and buildings in the case of airborne and impact sound
  • Measurements of the parameters of room acoustics in rooms, auditoria and sports halls
  • Measurements of the noise caused by road traffic using the SPB and CPX methods
  • Measurements of the emissions of noise and analysis of the noise produced by various machines and equipment
  • Measurements of sound intensity and assessment of noise in the environment

Assessments, opinions, and expert studies

  • Studies of the thermal transmittance, diffusion characteristics, and thermal stability of building structures, and calculations of the details of thermal bridges
  • Energy properties studies for buildings
  • Studies of the protection against noise in buildings and of the passive noise protection of buildings located in the vicinity of the road and railway infrastructure
  • Studies of the acoustic design and improvement of rooms, auditoria and sports halls
  • Assessments of noise in the environment on the basis of the calculation methods prescribed in the current legislation
  • Studies and planning of the protection of buildings in the case of excessive levels of radon
  • Life cycle analyses (LCA, LCC), certification, and technical assessments and agreements
  • Research work
  • Education and training

Major items of equipment

Research and development

  • CHEF
  • Cost Effective
  • Heat4U
  • GE2O
  • TIGR
  • COST


  • Technical Committee SIST/TC Heat, Technical Committee SIST/TC Acoustics and Technical Committee SIST/TC Road Equipment
  • Sector Group of European Notified Bodies SG06: Doors and Windows
  • Sector Group of European Notified Bodies SG19: Thermal Insulation
  • Technični Committee ISO TC 43-SC2–WG18 Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements
  • Working Group Acoustics AC ENBRI
  • Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS)
  • The European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform – Built for Life (ECTP B4L) Committee
  • Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership Smart Buildings and Home including Wood Chain (SRIP PSiDL)
  • Lighting Engineering Society of Slovenia (SDR)
  • International Commission on Illumination (CIE)
  • Slovenian Acoustics Association (SDA), is in the European Acoustics Association (EAA), the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE), the International Commission for Acoustics (ICA), and the International Institute for Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV)
  • BIM Association Slovenia (siBIM)
  • Nonprofit organisation building SMART (international home of OpenBIM)
  • European Association for LCA/EPD (Eco platform)
  • Green Building Council Slovenija (GBC)
  • International Association of Building Physics (IABP)
  • Union of Associations of Slovenian Civil Engineers (DGIT) Novo Mesto, is in the Union of Associations of Slovenian Civil Engineers (ZDGITS)

Head of Laboratory:
assist. prof. Katja Malovrh Rebec
Phone: 01 280 45 14
Mobile phone: 051 311 370