: Pin on disc tribometer and reciprocal tribocorrosimeter TRIBOTECHNIC, France, 2011
The tribocorrosimeter is a device for determining both the tribological properties (pin on disc and reciprocal contact, forces up to 10 N, counter balls 1 mm, 6 mm and 10 mm) of the material as well as the corrosion properties, separately or in joint operation. To eveluate the wear rate, we use the Taylor Hobson profilometer (2010) to determine the roughness and wear of the material.
The equipment was 50 % co-financed by ARRS (ARIS) as part of the Public Tender for co-financing the purchase of research equipment (A package 14).
Access to the equipment is possible by prior agreement. The price of the investigation depends on its complexity.

Contact: dr. Tadeja Kosec (tadeja.kosec@zag.si)