On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, a successful event was held at the Slovenian Embassy in Brussels on the topic of fire safety needs of a sustainable built environment. The event was organized by ZAG and SBRA (The Slovenian Business and Research Association). It was moderated by dr. Draško Veselinovič (SBRA) and prof. Grunde Jomaas (FRISSBE). This was followed by six distinguished lecturers, among whom was the director Assoc. dr. Aleš Žnidarič, who spoke about ZAG’s achievements in this area. All participants agreed that the initiative should be continued, so the conclusions of the agreement were sent via SBRA to some 1000 addresses.


There are challenges in achieving a sustainable built environment, where many new construction materials, systems and technologies are being incorporated to reach the sustainability goals set out at various socio-political levels. These ambitious goals bring new fire hazards and risks that are essential to address for sustainability to be truly accomplished.

The Brussels meeting aimed to outline the emerging challenges and identify the funding needed to ensure future sustainable and fire-safe built environments that contribute to local, regional and global sustainability goals across the EU.

The entire program can be found in the attachment.