Fire in buildings is quite a common accident. The impact of fire on human life, property damage, and other consequences can be greatly reduced by the use of appropriate building materials and structures. The development of a fire in a particular area is affected by the equipment and shape of the space, and by the fire properties of the installed materials. The development of a fire can be prevented or slowed down by using less combustible materials to cover the walls and ceilings. If, on the other hand, a fire, for various reasons, becomes fully developed, its spread throughout the building can be limited if the latter’s structural elements have sufficient fire resistance. If buildings are to be designed as fire-resistant, it is necessary to model, with sufficient accuracy and efficiency, the thermal conditions in the vicinity of the fire and the associated thermal and mechanical response of the building structure. For this purpose, in ZAG’s Fire laboratory standardized laboratory tests, as well as experimental research, are performed. A wide variety of fire scenarios can be simulated by the available computer software.


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