In Slovenia, storms are a common occurrence during the summer. They are accompanied by heavy rain, as well as, sometimes, by hail or strong wind gusts. Based on the number of storms and the magnitude of their consequences, the summer of 2008 was exceptional. Heavy storms can cause major damage to timber roof structures, roofing materials, and facades. Investigations at ZAG have been aimed at discovering the suspected link between the damage caused and faults in the installed materials and products, as well as errors made during the construction process. During the storms which occurred in 2008, most damage was caused by insufficiently strong attachment of the roof structure, or improper fastening of roofing materials, as well as, in some cases, by the exceptional strength of the wind gusts, and the falling of very large hailstones.


Damage due to storms – analysis of the consequences of recent storms and proposals for short-term and long-term measures

Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, 2008 – 2009

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