Quality control

ZAG offers independent and comprehensive technical support to investors in all phases of construction – from preparation for the investment to commissioning of the building, and later also during the monitoring of the building during its lifetime. Being present from the beginning to the end of construction allows for better knowledge of the facility and better responsiveness in each of the construction phases. We offer professional support in the construction of road and railway infrastructure, airports, ports, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, as well as individual buildings, bridges and other construction facilities.

Expert support will be most effective if all stakeholders are involved in a timely manner. Consulting during design and project reviews enable the elimination of irregularities and possible errors even before construction. “Unforeseen situations” that cause complications in construction are rarely such that they could not be foreseen with adequate knowledge, careful design and professional implementation of the construction.

The system of external quality control, however, allows irregularities to be eliminated during construction at the latest and not until after construction, when some irregularities may become apparent only after the warranty period has expired. During construction, deviations from the project or the required material properties are identified through field visits, measurements and investigations of the samples taken, and inadequate material is repaired or removed based on the investigations.

We provide professional support and external quality control in all areas of construction.


Inspection, testing, and analysis of the load-carrying capacity and seismic resistance of different types of buildings (hospitals, health centres, educational, research and cultural institutes, residential, hotel and administrative buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, chimneys) with guidelines and recommendations

Adriatic Slovenica d.d., 2014

Assessment of the seismic resistance and vulnerability of buildings (health centres, school buildings, administrative buildings, fire stations, residential buildings)

The Municipality of Ljubljana (several projects from 1986 to 2012)

Review of design projects and third party surveillance of the repair and strengthening of buildings that were damaged by the earthquake of 12.7.2004

Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning RS, 2005 -on-going

Faults in construction – Analysis of the current state and overview of instruments for the detection of faults incurred during construction

Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning RS 2008 – 2009

Technical conditions needed to ensure quality during the construction of residential buildings (TPSG)

The housing fund RS 2007-2009

POTROG – Seismic Risk in Slovenia, for the needs of civil defence authorities – research project for the Administration of RS for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief

Administration of RS for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, 2011 – 2013

CHERPLAN – Strengthening of the cultural heritage through environmental planning and management – Assessment of the seismic risk to buildings in the municipality of Idrija

The Municipality of Idrija, 2013

Report about the condition of the building known as “Rakuschev mlin”, after exposure to fire

Adriatic Slovenica d.d., 2014